Help Like This is Priceless

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Help Like This is Priceless

Lisa Cartier, a working single mom, had a hard time understanding and accepting her diagnosis of breast cancer and lymphoma. She had no idea how to tell her daughters, but she knew she had to support her girls every way she could, so she turned to Wonders & Worries.

Her daughters soon bonded with their child life specialist, Michele. Michele helped Lisa find the words to explain what was going on, and used activities and projects to help the girls express their feelings. Michele helped them through all the tests and appointments, meeting with them at school during the week and working with their school counselor between their sessions at Wonders & Worries to make sure they had the support they needed.

Lisa calls Michele an angel, and Wonders & Worries a blessing to her family. “The transition through accepting this process has been so much easier with the wonderful people at Wonders & Worries,” Lisa says, “Help like this is priceless.”

Your donations help make sure that Wonders & Worries can continue to make a difference for Lisa and so many others like her who are facing breast cancer.  It’s not too late to ask.  Let everyone know about your ride day experience and ask everyone to give just a little more to make sure every family has this kind of support.

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