The Johnson Family's Wonders & Worries

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Johnson Family

The Johnson Family’s Wonders & Worries

When Krystin Johnson and her husband Chris were first informed of Krystin’s stage II breast cancer, their first instinct was to protect their 5-year old daughter, Julia. They wanted her to feel supported and know it would be okay. Wonders & Worries was the first call they made after they decided on a plan for treatment, and Julia completed the 6-week comprehensive coping and illness education curriculum.

When Julia was in the 3rd grade, Krystin’s cancer returned as metastatic breast cancer in her lungs and lymph nodes. Julia returned to Wonders & Worries for monthly group sessions. She was nervous about it at first. “Sometimes I liked to keep my mom’s cancer private,” she said. She soon lost her intimidation and now maintains friendships with other kids who know exactly what she is going through.

The Johnsons are very fortunate in that they could afford private counseling if necessary but soon discovered that few trained professional counselors possess experience with their situation. They liked that Wonders & Worries worked solely with families with their same circumstances and services were offered free of charge to all families regardless of ability to pay.

“You’re the Mary Poppins of therapy,” says Krystin, “I can’t think of any other way to describe how unique Wonders & Worries services are.”

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