Why We Ride: We Love the Sustainable Food Center!

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Why We Ride: We Love the Sustainable Food Center!

Why do Mamma Jamma riders love raising money for the The Sustainable Food Center  and their Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Allegre classes?

At least one-third of cancer deaths in the U.S. are attributable to dietary factors according to the American Cancer Society.  Obesity, or a high BMI, are risk factors for developing breast cancer.  Good nutritional practices can mitigate those risks.

Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Allegre classes provide cooking and nutrition instruction that teach and empower cancer survivors to:

  • Prevent recurrence by preparing sustainable, healthy foods.
  • Improve recovery from treatment.
  • Prevent future cases in family members who learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

A little money goes a long way:

  • $15    –  A cookbook for one survivor
  • $20    –  “Recipe” groceries for 1 survivor, per 6 week class
  • $50    –  1 instructor for 1 class
  • $75    –  Educational materials for 1 6-week class, serving 25 survivors
  • $165  –  Life-changing 6-week course for 1 survivor, including groceries to prepare recipes at home with the survivor’s family.

Check out classes for yourself Happy Kitchen/La Cocina Allegre.

 REGISTER FOR THE MAMMA JAMMA to support this impactful organization.

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