Fun Fact Friday: Cyclists Live Longer

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Cyclists Live Longer

Fun Fact Friday: Cyclists Live Longer

A 2000 survey by the commuters in Copenhagen, Denmark concluded that people who commute by bicycle are so healthy that they’re 39% less likely to die (of any cause) than those who don’t ride bicycles.

To help you get in the cycling habit, Mamma Jamma offers weekly training rides for all levels of cyclists, supported by an amazing group of caring volunteers and our beneficiary organizations.  Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to ride further than you’ve ever gone before, we can help you reach your goal. Join us tomorrow, Saturday, June 21st, at Brushy Creek Park at 7:30 am for this weeks ride.  We’ll have distances from 15 to 55 miles. It’s an out an back so if 15 is a challenge, know that you can ride a shorter distance if needed and we’ll be there to help you.


Stick around afterwards for our fundraising party.  Enjoy snacks and mimosas and get one on one help with registering for the ride, setting up your fundraising page and ideas to help make fundraising a piece of cake!

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