Top Ten Fundraisers

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Top Ten Fundraisers

We’ve been officially launched for 26 days and lots of people have hit the ground running on their fundraising!  Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up and even more to those who are pushing the envelope to get their funds raised. Together we will make a difference for thousands of Central Texans facing breast cancer this year.

Larry Streepy  $  1,000.00
Janis Connell  $  1,000.00
Deborah Carroll  $     650.00
Bryan Tindall  $     500.00
Michelle Hittner  $     375.00
Norma Crippen  $     362.00
Margaret Talbot  $     330.00
Debbie Shepherd  $     250.00
Alina Gorniak  $     250.00
Mary Garcia  $     240.00


If you haven’t had a chance to get started take that first step and send an email with your link to everyone you know. You never know who has been touched by breast cancer and people often feel helpless when someone they care about is going through this.  When you ask for their support, you help take away a little bit of that helpless feeling… here is something they can do to make a difference.  If you need any one on one help or ideas, I’m happy to help any time. J

Thanks so much for being part of something special!

Hope Smith, ED

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