You Are Unlimited: A New Milestone, a New Challenge

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You Are Unlimited: A New Milestone, a New Challenge

We’re happy to announce that we have registered over 300 riders for this year’s ride and we’re still growing! We’re so excited to have all of you caring, compassionate people committed to helping our Central Texas neighbors coping with breast cancer. The potential each and every one of you has to save and improve lives is unlimited.

One of the things we introduced this year to encourage more riders to take part, was to lower the fundraising minimum to $250. When it comes to Breast Cancer though, ‘Minimum’ is a funny word. For those facing breast cancer it brings to mind, things like ‘Minimum Deductible’ and ‘Minimally Invasive Procedure’. Insurance is rarely enough… there are so many things they just don’t cover and treatment for breast cancer is always invasive… it affects every aspect of life, not only for the person who has it—but the whole family.

I’ve met so many brave survivors through this ride. When I think of what they have been through, are going through, and how much they need the help our beneficiaries provide, I don’t think about minimums, I think about maximums. How much more I could do if I keep asking, if I keep telling the stories that inspire me, if I keep sharing why this is so important to me. Can I help two people get mammograms? Can I help a family receive counseling to help them cope through the challenges of breast cancer? Can I help make sure that someone struggling through the pain of treatment will have someone by her side who has gone through the same thing? Can I inspire someone else to join me and really amplify the impact I’m making?

I challenge each and every one of you to think beyond the limit of the minimum and imagine the unlimited potential you have to save and improve lives if you just keep going. If you haven’t started, don’t wait, start now. Every person we reach out to has the same unlimited potential. If you’ve started but haven’t reached your goal, reach out to us to help you take it up a gear, we have tons of resources, ideas and easy ways to take it to the next level and help you meet your goal.If you’ve reached your goal, think about the three women who learn they are in the fight of their life every day—and how many more lives your determination might impact. The potential each and every one of you has to do good is—unlimited.


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