Rainbow Kind of Day

Way to go Mamma Jamma Riders!

Saturday was an amazing and inspirational day.  I met so many wonderful riders who were giving their all to help those with breast cancer; so many volunteers dedicated to taking care of the riders smile; & heard so many stories that made me proud of each of you for all your efforts to make sure that everyone facing breast cancer gets the help they need.

As we begin Breast Cancer Awareness Month, know that the funds you raise are not being used for “awareness.” They are helping to meet the needs of everyday people facing this disease.  Because of you…

  • Those without health insurance are receiving the treatment they need to live
  • A child is receiving counseling to help them understand and cope with mom or dad being sick
  • Someone struggling through the pain of treatment will have a volunteer to help them who has gone through the same thing

And so much more… The ride may be done but the need is still there. Please take a moment to share your ride experience with everyone who supported you and thank them again.  Share your link with everyone else and encourage them to make a donation to support those in need. Let’s all make one more push and celebrate the awesome way we kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the fact that we are not just making people aware, we’re making a difference.

Hope Smith
Executive Director

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