Cooking After Cancer

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Cooking After Cancer

As we gear up for another Mamma Jamma Ride on Sept 27, 2014, we wanted to share one of the many reasons why this event is so important. The ride raises much needed funds for the Sustainable Food Center. What does food have to do with cancer? Everything!  Sustainable Food Center uses their share of the proceeds from the ride to offer a cooking and nutrition curriculum designed just for those dealing with breast cancer. Cancer can ravage the body, and sometimes treatment can be even harder than the disease itself. As patients and survivors get used to the new normal, rebuilding the physical self with nutritious foods is essential. The SFC Cooking After Cancer class offers simple and key tips to help rebuild the body and control inflammation. Cancer survivor and SFC facilitator Candyce shares,

“Eating seasonal and organic foods can make the body sing. As a facilitator, I have the chance to share information and prepare foods that can be transformational. And the comradeship that develops during the class is really special, like we’ve all been on a long, difficult journey and finally made it to shore. The reward is cooking and eating foods that have so much life, they make the body sing.”

Please help support the amazing work they do as a rider, a virtual rider, a crew volunteer or a donor.

Interested in registering for the free SFC Cooking After Cancer class series (meets Mondays 6:00-7:30 Sept 22-Oct 27)? Email Molly!

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