Why Did She Wait a Year After She Felt the Lump?

Why Did She Wait a Year After She Felt the Lump?

She just celebrated her 30th birthday. Three months later, she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer with metastatic disease in the spine. And she was scared…

Why did she wait a year after she felt the lump? Because she didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. Now what? Without treatment, who would take care of her three small children when she was gone. She didn’t want to think about these things but this was all she could think about.

Her back pain finally took her to the emergency room where a very compassionate doctor told her about WINGS, a beneficiary of the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride, which funds 100 percent of all treatment expenses for uninsured women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Not only is she able to get the medical help to save her life, she can do it in her own community. With the help of Mamma Jamma funds, WINGS is able to offer its services through a provider network in Travis, Hays, Caldwell and Bastrop Counties. So, now she doesn’t have to drive to Austin or San Antonio for her treatment. WINGS even provides gas cards to help defray the expenses of everyday living.

And, that’s what she is doing now. Living every day. Her original diagnosis was in 2006 and her prognosis is good. WINGS commitment to her and every women it serves is lifetime care. . .because everybody deserves a lifetime.

“Words cannot express the gratefulness for the gift WINGS has given my family and me. Even as you called with the news that we were accepted into the program, the hardest questions fell away. We could then put all our attention toward getting well.”

If you do nothing else to help the ride this year… then share this story with people you know. Let them know about the services these amazing organizations provide because no one should have to wait or forego treatment because they don’t have insurance and don’t know about the help they can get. Spread the word and keep riding with us!

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