Why We Ride: The Butterfly Effect

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Butterfly Effect Defined

Why We Ride: The Butterfly Effect

This phenomenon is apparent when anyone who has been touched by breast cancer decides to do something to help others who are touched by it. The good that can come from one small act of kindness, paid forward and forward and forward, is profound.

Mamma Jamma Ride beneficiaries helped JR and his wife so much during her struggle with breast cancer. Even though she lost the fight in the end, JR wanted to find a way to give back.  He volunteered for the ride and came up with the pink bike campaign to raise awareness about how the ride helps fund services for families facing breast cancer. Hundreds of people learned about the ride and the amazing things our beneficiaries do to help because of his efforts.  A young mother learned about the amazing support groups from BCRC to help young women who get breast cancer.  A woman who lost her job because the chemo made her so sick was able to keep her insurance because she learned about Wings program to continue to pay for her COBRA. A patient struggling to make ends meet during treatment and keep up with daily household chores learned that The Care Communities would send volunteers to her home to clean, shop for groceries, prepare meals, and help her pay her utility bill.

“When we understand that every actions matters…
every result of our actions immediately improves…
and deciding to do SOMETHING
will make a DIFFERENCE”

~Andy Andrews

What you do to help today matters and will continue to matter to everyone who is touched by the results of your actions.  Register to ride, make a donation, share our info-graphic, tell someone about the ride… but decide to do something today and make a difference for thousands of Central Texans who face this terrible disease every year.

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