Why We Ride: Wonders & Worries Supports Children of Cancer Patients

Wonders & Worries provides psychosocial support and illness education to children whose parents are seriously ill.
The Bogardus Family

Why We Ride: Wonders & Worries Supports Children of Cancer Patients

Savanna Bogardus’s breast cancer diagnosis came in October 2010 and sent her family, husband Tom and children Kate and Jack, on a rollercoaster.  Savanna’s and Tom’s first concern, besides Savanna’s well-being, was how to tell the kids about their mom’s cancer.

When they began working with Wonders & Worries, they learned to approach the diagnosis and managed the scariness of cancer as a family.  The Bogardus family worked with Child Life Staff Member Ali Houshmand – their “calm in the storm.” They found the parenting support group offered by Wonders & Worries to be comforting. Ali’s one-on-one therapeutic support sessions with each child were crucial in reducing the scariness of the unknown.

Tom and Savanna know that a cancer diagnosis is frightening and can be traumatic for everyone in the family. Parents and children need support, love, and coping skills to ease the fear and anxiety. They urge families dealing with illness not to be shy about seeking help. “How you approach your illness, the resources you use to help your family through tough times, says a lot about your love for your children,” says Savanna, “Wonders & Worries was a beacon of hope and help to us during a very difficult time.”

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