Meet the Sutten Family

No family should have to face breast cancer alone. Thanks to your support, they don't have to.
Sutten family

Meet the Sutten Family

When Yvette Sutten was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2013, she didn’t know who to turn to. A school district counselor informed her about Wonders & Worries; Yvette made a phone call, and within 24 hours, she was meeting with a child life specialist to make a plan to help her 10-year-old son through the coming journey.

Child life specialist Michele helped Yvette’s son to understand his mother’s “chemo head,” and to understand his own feelings about his mother’s illness. Yvette was sick during her son’s birthday and was too ill and didn’t have the funds to purchase the bike for him that he really wanted.  Michele helped grant his wish, finding a bike, lock, and helmet. Yvette’s son more than returned the favor: he held his own fundraiser for Wonders & Worries, selling pink shoelaces at school and raising over $700.

Even though Yvette’s son no longer meets with Michele weekly, Wonders & Worries continues to check on their progress and Yvette knows that they can always plug back in for support if they need to. Yvette is very grateful for Wonders & Worries. “You as a parent have enough on your plate when you are dealing with sickness,” Yvette says, “Wonders and Worries became a place of peace and comfort not only for my son but for me too.”

Your support of the Mamma Jamma Ride helps fund Wonders & Worries and their work to support children and help them cope through a parent’s serious illness.If you know of anyone who is diagnosed with a serious illness, please tell them about this amazing organization. No family should have to face breast cancer alone. Thanks to your support and the amazing people at Wonders & Worries, they don’t have to.

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