WINGS helps people without insurance get treatment

No one should have to put off getting treated for breast cancer because they can't pay. WINGS helps make sure that doesn't happen.
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WINGS helps people without insurance get treatment

Funds raised through the Mamma Jamma Ride go to fund an amazing organization called WINGS, Women Involved In Nurturing Giving Sharing. WINGS helps pay for breast cancer treatment for uninsured women in rural areas bridging the gap between diagnosis and treatment for uninsured and low-income women in Central Texas. The WINGS program pays for all treatment related to breast cancer and lifetime follow-up care.


Terri Bronocco Jones, WINGS’ co-founder and executive director commented, “The diagnosis of breast cancer is not a death sentence but untreated breast cancer is always fatal. WINGS believes that no women should be forced to choose between feeding her family and getting life-saving treatment. Everyone deserves a lifetime.”


WINGS is the only organization of its kind in the nation providing comprehensive breast cancer treatment and follow-up care at no cost to the patient. With more than 800 women enrolled in the program, WINGS currently serves 46 Texas counties. Since its inception in 1999, WINGS has delivered in excess of $28 million in healthcare at no cost to the patient.


The Texas Mamma Jamma Ride is proud supporter of this amazing organization. Help us help them by signing up to ride, donating to your favorite rider, or volunteering.

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