Which Way Do I Go?

Route Arrows

Which Way Do I Go?

A lot of rides use a lot of signs to mark the route and these are great when you don’t have mischief -makers around who think its’ funny to change them or steal them to deliberately confuse people. We had this happen on our event several years ago so we switched to using route arrows to mark the routes. These are biodegradable paper arrows that stick to the pavement and are color coded for each route. Your wristband will be the color of our chosen route and will match the arrow color you need to follow. Just look for them on the pavement leading up to your turn.

Below you’ll find links to electronic maps for each of the five routes. These may change slightly as we get closer to the event so be sure to check again the week before the event for the latest information. We’ll also have printed copies of the map with cue sheets at the ride in case you need them. If you change your mind about what route you plan to do, just exchange your wristband for the correct one at packet pickup.

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