Mamma Jamma and Tour de Jalapeño--Spicing things up!

Mamma Jamma volunteers host a rest stop at the upcoming Tour de Jalapeño.
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Mamma Jamma and Tour de Jalapeño–Spicing things up!

Just when you thought the summer couldn’t get any hotter, the Tour de Jalapeño ride rolls through! This fully-supported ride boasts races and tours of 26 and 50 miles right across the river from the MJ ride start!  And to spice things up, riders can opt for the 26 mile Jalapeño race, which comes equipped with jalapeño-stocked rest stops.  For every jalapeño a rider eats, 2 minutes will be shaved off the overall time.

Too hot for you?  The 50 & 26 mile untimed recreational tours are another great option.  These tours are perfect family rides set in the San Marcos area.  The routes will have several aid stations stocked with food, drinks and a port-o-pottie. You are more than welcome to stop and enjoy the aid stations, but don’t worry–the tours are jalapeño-free! If you are looking for a fun adventure this weekend,  registration is still open.

And if you would prefer to be on the giving end of the jalapeños, consider volunteering at our Mamma Jamma Aid Station!  That’s right! We’ll be setting up our usual MJ Awesomeness at the Tour de Jalapeño.  In addition to a pile of spicy peppers, our rest stop will have MJ swag, the famous ice towels, and photo booth!  It’s short notice, but if you are available Sunday, August 2nd from 6:30 am – 11:00am, email to sign up.


We love supporting local rides and giving back to the local bike community.  So far this season, Mamma Jamma members have supported Easter Country Hill Tour, Real Ale Ride, Bike Austin’s Bike to Work Day, and Bicycle Sport Shop’s Women’s Ride.  The Austin cycling community is vibrant, fun, and best of all, full of wonderful people willing to rally behind great causes.  We’re honored to be a part of this community.  Keep up with all the fun on the Events page of the MJ website.  You never know where we’ll be spicing things up next!

Tour de Jalapeño, August 2nd 2015, 7:30 AM, San Marcos River Ranch 3301 Scull. Martindale, TX

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