Why I Ride: by Scott Galbreath

Because no one should have to go through breast cancer alone...
Scott & Lisa Galbreath

Why I Ride: by Scott Galbreath

Almost three years ago, on a random Sunday night at the Continental Club, I asked a girl to dance with me. I knew that night that my world had changed. I knew that night that something wonderful had happened. I had met my Lisa.

On that same night, during a long conversation in between dances, I got to know a little bit about the woman who has become the love of my life. One of the first things she told me was that she was a breast cancer survivor. My reaction was one of concern and sympathy, but what struck me was how honest Lisa was right off the bat. She inspired me in that moment to not hold back with my truths and our love has grown to amazing heights.

Cancer has continued to play a role in our relationship over the past three years. Lisa was diagnosed with a second bout of breast cancer almost two years ago. Thankfully, after surgeries, wound care, and radiation, she is healthy. Throughout all of this my devotion to Lisa has only gotten stronger.

I have been lucky enough to have been introduced to the large community of survivors Lisa met through the Breast Cancer Resource Center, as well as their loved ones, and close friends. The network of support has always filled me with awe.

I have done my small part when the opportunity presented itself, which is why I chose to do the Mamma Jamma ride last year. I love cycling and I love Lisa’s tribe! So why not ride to help support others!

I ride this year because I can. I ride because the strength of the women whom I have met who have battled this disease with courage, humor, tears, and vicious determination, push me to achieve. I ride because every day I thank God that Lisa is in my life. I ride because I love her.

~Scott Galbreath

Join Scott and hundreds of others in raising money and riding to support the Breast Cancer Resource Center and the people who rely on them for help when they need it most. 

Whether you’ve been diagnosed, support someone who has been, are looking to volunteer your time and talent, or want to make a monetary gift, BCRC provides information that empowers, a community that understands and help where—and how—it’s needed most.

BCRC’s Certified Patient Navigators – all survivors themselves – serve those who’ve been newly diagnosed, are currently in treatment, have completed treatment, or are living with metastatic disease. BCRC is also here to provide information and support to caregivers, family members, and friends. At BCRC, they believe no one should face breast cancer alone. So, if you have questions, if you need support, if you’re not sure what to do next, contact them. They can help.

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