Why We Ride: Ann's Story

Ann's battle against breast cancer began in 2009.
Ann Mitchell

Why We Ride: Ann’s Story

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. We did everything ‘right’–found it early (stage 1), discovered I had the brca gene, did chemo and a double mastectomy, etc. but there is no script to this journey.

In 2011, the cancer spread to the bones and i was diagnosed with metastatic Breast cancer.

Now it is 2015 and chemo continues to hold the cancer at bay. I take life day by day, step by step, prayer by prayer, and give thanks for each and every moment.

My fundraising goal is ambitious because it has been 9 years since I was first diagnosed and because

  • I know how blessed I am to have done this journey ‘two-gether’ with my husband mark. (I am overwhelmed time and time again to think my mother did this alone and that many have no support)
  • I am fortunate to have friends and family in my corner and I know how important support groups can be for some
  • I am fortunate to have been able to remain employed and have good insurance while many women remain underinsured and need help with copays, medications, etc.
  • Research continues to be needed to fight this disease so that one day no one will have to walk this path!

Please check out the worthy charities supported by this ride and consider making a donation in any amount. I and others touched by these charities will greatly appreciate your support.


I will have the bike flag again this year. If you have a name of someone you want to honor who is currently fighting, is surviving, or battled breast cancer in their lifetime, please let me know first and last name and I will add them to the flag list.

Barbara W.
Marty D.
Janice C.
Ella H.
Cynthia W.
Ruby H.
Linda C.
Tami S.
Helen B.
Sally L.
Ina B.
Amy D.
Betty W.

This will be Ann’s 7th Mamma Jamma Ride. You can donate to her campaign here

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