Why We Ride

1 in 8 affected by breast cancer

1 in 8 Women Will Get It

We ride because so many people are affected by breast cancer.  Think of 8 women you know; your mom, your sister, your grandma, your cousin, a friend’s wife, a coworker, a Facebook friend. Chances are that one of those 8 will hear the words, “You have breast cancer” at some point in her life; she will have to face the scary prospect of surgery, chemo & radiation treatments that make her feel even sicker before she can get better. If you could make sure she had the best possible chance of beating it, if you could make sure that she had someone who’d been through it to help her, you’d do it wouldn’t you? By supporting the Mamma Jamma Ride you help make sure everyone in Central Texas has access to that kind of support and care.

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It Affects the Whole Family

We ride because breast cancer doesn’t just affect the person who gets it, it affects the whole family. When someone we care about is hurting, we all hurt. Kids worry about their parent. Partners become caregivers and often the only source of income for the family. Friends and extended family pitch in to help.  Mamma Jamma supports services that support the whole family.

  • Counselling for children of parents with breast cancer
  • Volunteers who help around the house
  • Help with childcare during treatment
  • Assistance with rent, utilities & basic needs

Affects the Whole Family

Hearts, Hugs and Handlebars. Share Your Support of those affected.

Breast Cancer is Costly

Breast Cancer is Costly

We ride because breast cancer is costly.  Not just in terms of the emotional impact, and the effect on your health, but also in terms of the cost of treatment. According to the National Institutes of Health, the low end cost of breast cancer treatment is about $20,000. How many people do you know with an extra 20K lying around to pay for an illness like this?  Even the best insurance doesn’t pay for everything and many people become unable to work while they’re sick, often losing their jobs, their insurance, and their ability to pay for basic needs, let alone treatment.  Mamma Jamma Raises funds to help pay for treatment and to help pay for basic needs during treatment.

  • $35 covers a prosthesis bra after mastectomy
  • $50 provides a post-operative camisole, wig or prosthesis
  • $80 pays for a compression arm sleeve for lymphedema
  • $165 pays for a diagnostic mammogram
  • $400 assistance with paying for utilities
  • $700 helps with rent & other basic needs
  • $1,000 covers 3 courses of chemotherapy
  • $5000 pays for a PET scan
  • $15,000 mastectomy surgery

Never Underestimate a Small Group of Determined People. Sharing is Caring!

It Doesn’t End with Treatment

We ride because the effects of breast cancer don’t end with treatment.  There are a lot of emotional scars that people who are affected have to learn to cope with.  There is also the risk of recurrence.  30% of women who have had breast cancer will get it again.  Nutrition and exercise are two of the best things you can do to reduce that risk. Mamma Jamma helps ensure that survivors have the help they need to recover after breast cancer and the knowledge and support they need to reduce the risk of recurrence.

  • Free exercise classes for survivors
  • Free cooking and nutrition classes
  • Ongoing support groups for survivors

Reduce Risk

We Raise Love, Laughs and Hope.

Going the Distance

Since the ride started, thousands of people have ridden 112,633 miles to help fight breast cancer… that’s enough to go halfway to the moon, or around the world 4.5 times. Mamma Jamma Riders are committed to going the distance each and every year and have been heroes to thousands of Central Texans affected by breast cancer, raising over 2 Million Dollars to make sure that everyone gets the help they need.

We aren’t the biggest, or the most well-known.  We don’t have national publicity or reach. But every penny we raise in Central Texas stays in Central Texas and our community has the heart, determination and drive to keep going as long as there are friends and neighbors who need our help.

Start the journey with us and share the ride

Butterfly Effect

A small change at one place can start a chain reaction that results in a big change somewhere down down the line.

This phenomenon is apparent when anyone who has been touched by breast cancer decides to do something to help others who are touched by it. The good that can come from one small act of kindness, paid forward and forward and forward, is profound.

Mamma Jamma Ride beneficiaries helped JR and his wife so much during her struggle with breast cancer. Even though she lost the fight in the end, JR wanted to find a way to give back.  He volunteered for the ride and came up with the pink bike campaign to raise awareness about how the ride helps fund services for families facing breast cancer. This is why we ride.

It’s Not Just for those Undergoing Treatment or Survivors, It is for ALL those affected!

Get the facts, share the love. Share our Infographic to Help Educate Others.

Start Your Own Butterfly Effect

Save & share our info-graphic. You never know who you might help by doing so. We’ve had so many people tell us that because they had done the ride they learned of a service that helped someone they loved. Sharing is easy and everyone can do that. If you want to do more, we always welcome help! Make a donation, volunteer, or ride with us!

Sharing is Caring

You can help right now by SHARING the following information. You never know who’s been affected or who might need the services we fund.

There are lots of reasons you can choose to get involved. Some ride because they’ve had a friend or loved one who faced breast cancer or to honor of someone they’ve lost to the disease. Others ride for the physical challenge of the ride or to enjoy an awesome event with friends, and still others ride because they have survived breast cancer themselves. The one thing we all have in common is a commitment to make sure that everyone in Central Texas who has been affected by breast cancer has access to the care and support they need to cope.

Photo says it all for me. I look at the signs each year searching for my mom’s name Frieda. In 1967 @ 35 years old she started her battle with breast cancer. She fought for 12 years. She & our family all would have benefited from many of the services provided by our beneficiaries. This is why I ride!

~Sharon Harris

Sharon with her mom's sign

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